Hola, Amigos!

We are Sofia Diaz and Alex Dorado. Nice to meet you!
We are fun and daring! We love our country, our culture, our traditions, and, of course, our dances! But best of all we love our language – melodious and diverse, beautiful and passionate, gorgeous in its every aspect!
We want to share our love for the Spanish language with you. And this is exactly why we invented this Happy Spanish website!
We are doing our best to ensure that your Spanish vocabulary grows every day. And we are here every day waiting for you to drop by and play!
The rules are simple: come to our website every day, answer questions, choose the correct translations, score points and compete against other players of Happy Spanish.

Playing our game on a daily basis will not only ensure that you have lots of fun, but spruce up your Spanish!
Gracias por estar con nosotros! Thank you for being with us!

Sofia and Alex